Today the market of the three wheels tilting vehicle, in my opinion, has not yet had a great development at least in Europe; while recognizing the advantages of this type of vehicle has not developed the catchment area that it deserves. There are and have been many examples and types of three-wheeled tilting vehicle and I could name a few including the F300 Life Jet Mercedes, BMW Clever, SCV of Brink Dynamics and many other studies and projects developed in some European Universities and no, the University of Bath in the United Kingdom ("The dynamics of a three-wheeled vehicle tilting narrow track," Dynamics and control of a tilting three wheeled vehicle "), the University of Bochum in Germany (" a research Threewheeler vehicle with processor controlled tilting and steering machanism "), surely I'll forget many others but I like to remember that studies carried out so far could give way to a series production much higher. Moreover, among researchers and between those who have developed and implemented this concept vehicle I would mention a few including C. Van den Brink, H. Kroonen (DVC - Brink Dynamics), J.Berote, D.Karnopp, R.Rajamani, V .Cossalter etc. etc. In most cases, to achieve the inclination of the vehicle use is made of a hydro-mechanical system which receives data from both the rotation of the steering wheel, and both the inclination of the vehicle itself realizing the right balance; of sensors measure the torque developed on the wheel and send the pressurized oil to hydraulic actuators which tilt the vehicle depending on the type of curve. There are also security systems and control that cancel the effect of the hydraulic circuit in case of emergency when proceeding at low speed; indicatively in this way are made of many systems of inclination or through an electromechanical system and control of the vehicle. At the same time the development of the technology of mechanical and hydraulic system precisely with the help of electronics have definitely led to realize a very safe vehicle. The trend today is that, especially in the short urban journeys, to travel no more than one or two people but with cars whose volume and consumption are certainly exceed the need, resulting increased pollution and emissions of CO2 and NOx. Now the cost of these vehicles are currently high and I believe that to lower costs is necessary to build a system of large-scale production maybe with the investments of large manufacturers both for production and for the development and research. For now believe the model DVC Brink Dynamics is an example, among others, in which it is feasible development of production and where also the only hardware DVC can be sold and installed on other types of vehicles.

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