Technical Features
The basic idea part by entirely mechanical system necessary to incline the vehicle, which has a configuration of the type with three wheels, two front steerable and a rear tractor.
The mechanical system of inclination of the vehicle is composed of pulleys and toothed belts which, directly from the steering go to act on the front suspensions through a pair of bars that connect a tie rod to the two shock absorbers.
For the system as well as the energy needed to keep the vehicle in every position, which usually consists of controller, actuator and hydraulic pump with associated circuit, the market today offers a variety of systems ready and adapted to the vehicle according to different needs.
It is worth recalling here the Carver Technology Dutchman Van den Brink providing facilities like DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control).
The objective of the belt system is to see if a mechanical system of this type requires less energy and thus less weight on the vehicle with respect to a system composed exclusively electro-hydraulic, as we said from various organs of control and implementation.
The frame of this vehicle is in square tubes and circular steel CrMo reinforced with aluminum sheet, the body is scheduled for two seats in tandem, the two front doors and a small rear luggage compartment from about 50dmc, the dimensions are assumed 1200mm (front track), 2800mm (step) and 3600mm (total length).
The vehicle could equip both an internal combustion engine that an electric motor as in its lower region there is a compartment for housing the various batteries.
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