The collaboration with Patriarca Cars
In 1993 collaborated with Bruno Patriarca to realize this four-wheeled vehicle with reduced dimensions but very sporty character, also like the one with three wheels had a frame formed by a framework square tube steel and a fiberglass body; was built also the version with hardtop, the rear engine was a 600cc twin-cylinder Lombardini.
This vehicle was recognizable in the hand of a great coach and builder of racing cars so as to give the vehicle a sporty look that can now be recognized in certain types of vehicles although it is mini car.
It was 1982 when I began to take care of the Ferrari Club of Rome and to write about racing cars, here beside some newspaper clippings of the Association; last, published in January 2014 my e-book that speaks precisely of that experience.
On www.linkedin.com you can visit my professional biography while in www.solidestudio.com you can see some of my work, especially in the automotive field.
My professional experience is gained in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial plant engineering and my main interest is the automotive, technology and the dynamics of the vehicle.
I would have much pleasure to be able to connect with those who have a passion for this type of vehicle, and with whom to develop my idea of a system of inclination of the vehicle.
My interest in technology and vehicle dynamics as well as motor racing took me 5 years to hold the office of President and founder of the Ferrari Club of Rome with some success in view of the events organized in this regard and I also published a -book in which the story of those moments lived.
I was also the coach of the Italian Motor Sport Commission with the task of verifying compliance with the technical regulations in the field of motor racing by examining the technical aspects and regulations of each vehicle registered in the competition.
In addition to the idea of the three-wheeled vehicle with variable inclination I devoted some twenty years ago to the collaboration for the design and production of a three-wheeled vehicle powered motorcycle and of which I have attached pictures and specifications on the page GALLERY.
Also in this page you can see the evolution of the three-wheeled vehicle thanks to the legislation then in force on the approval of quads.
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